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Medical Qigong is an ancient Chinese energetic medicine, is one of the four main branches of traditional Chinese medicine it consists of treatment by practitioner to regulate the clients qi Through various movements, breathing, connection to internal qi Which is tailored completely to the patient's body. Medical Qigong is a complete system of healthcare that recognizes the root cause of symptoms or disease and treats the client, qigong can be utilized in many ways from daily practice of meditation or movement along with breath, may successfully treat people with conditions that are resistant or ambiguous. qigong is a walk of  health and life.


Yin yoga is a fusion or coming together to ancient principles traditional Chinese medicine with yogi philosophy, These ancient systems focus on balancing universal life force.Which in Chinese medicine is called QI the origins of yin yoga can found in the taoist practice which sees that there're two primordial forces at work the universe yin passive and yang is active.

One cannot exist without the other,harmony occurs when balance is maintained. This style of yoga is transformational for the mind, body and the spirit this  is not exclusive as it can be practiced by anyone. A lot of current styles Of yoga are much more yang which increases fire in nature, and heats the body up for strength,But yin yoga Is used to cool the body down and Much more nurturing to the internal organ system joints ligaments of the yin system.

Komyo Reiki Do


Reiki=sacred universal energy

Kai/Do=spiritual path or way

Reiki has a Japanese word which means a mysterious ethical and sacred energy of heaven and earth of the universe that sustains all life.

Reiki is a keep it simple system and practice based on Japanese teachings of less is more. The practice Moto's place your hands, surrender and smile. Simple to learn and profound on the mind body and inner self.